Coming soon…..theOx


 where what the people want, not what politicians want, …matters

where what the people believe, not what political parties want you to believe, …matters

where what policies the people want implemented, not what lobbyists and special interests groups want implemented, …matters


Our elected officials job, actually their only job, is to implement the will of the people, their constituents who gave them the power to make laws and administer public policies. Their party affiliations, the lobbyists who provide them funding for their election campaigns, their political aspirations should all be secondary to the will of the people who put them into office and to whom they serve. If they cannot faithfully serve the will of their constituents, then they should not hold the offices the people elected them to.

theOx* will objectively collect the will of the people on a broad range of local, regional and national issues and hold elected officials accountable for adhering to the will of the voting public who elected them. 

*theOx – see Francis Galton, the Ox 1906

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